The Artery VFX and Harbor Picture Company Form Artist-Driven Alliance

The Artery VFX, led by Partner/CD/VFX supervisor Vico Sharabani and Partner/EP Yfat Neev along with Harbor Picture Company, fronted by Founder/President Zak Tucker, Partner/Colorist Joe Gawler and Partner/Director Theo Stanley, are forming an artist-driven alliance for post-production in New York City. Fusing The Artery VFX’s A-level CG artists with Harbor Picture Company’s production and postproduction expertise, this collaboration serves every stage of content creation – from creative direction, production, creative editorial, high-end VFX, commercial color correction, feature film DI and the full spectrum of deliverables for feature films, commercials, web, installations and music videos.

The Artery VFX and Harbor PIcture Company have several campaigns in the works that speak perfectly to the synergies and efficiencies provided by the two companies. “This is a union of studios that are artist driven and share an ethos of humanistic collaboration,” stated Tucker. “We’ve designed a home base for creatives – a rare place where top notch talent exists in every imaginable production discipline and is expert in every conceivable medium.”

The Artery resides within Harbor’s state-of-the-art facility occupying 15,000 square feet of SOHO, NY loft space, comprising Harbor’s recently built 30 offline editorial suites and two DI theaters along with The Artery VFX’s client-friendly Flame and CG suites.

“This partnership will offer a boutique level of artistry and attention with real infrastructure capable of taking on a project of any size,” stated Gawler. “We will offer limitless creative oversight from concept to completion or any step in between, tailoring the perfect solution to every job.”

The alliance between the two studios emerged from a number of recent collaborations, including a Nike interactive project and Coldplay and Rihanna’s mystical Princess of China music video. “We heard over and over again that we should meet Zak and Joe,” stated Sharabani. “When they had a client who insisted upon having color correction and VFX under one roof, we tried it out with a lot of success. Formalizing the process was a no-brainer.”

“The artists at The Artery VFX share our belief that there are big changes coming in the industry, and we will be better positioned to guide rather than follow those changes if we collaborate and cohabitate,” stated Neev. “This will be a top-notch home for creative minds who want to shape the production landscape of the future.”

Harbor’s most recent feature projects include Mira Nair’s, “The Reluctant Fundamentalist,” starring Liev Shreiber and Kate Hudson, “Admission” for Focus Features starring Tina Fey and “Untitled Christmas Tree Project,” starring Paul Giamatti. Recent commercial projects include campaigns for Nike, Chase,, St. John, Tommy Hilfiger, adidas, Banana Republic, J. Crew and Ralph Lauren.

About Vico Sharabani: With a portfolio that includes spots for Fortune 500 companies Nike, Mercedes and AT&T; music videos for Coldplay/Rihanna and Kanye West; and work for Sex & The City, Sharabani is legendary for his Flame work. He has serviced the advertising and entertainment industries for more than 23 years – 12 of those as partner at RhinoFX – working across the creative, production and technical disciplines. Sharabani is also involved with TED Ads Worth Spreading and TEDxEast.

About Yfat Neev: A cross-platform EP with global operations experience, Neev is known for her ability to effectively bridge technologies, disciplines, production and talent. Her VFX projects for film and television, digital and social marketing, public relations, and branding complement an interactive portfolio that includes projects for Mercedes, P&G, Nike, Toyota, Revlon, MGA Entertainment, Levis, L’Oreal, AT&T, Nissan, and others. Neev was previously EP at RhinoFX/Gravity, and head of production at McCann Erickson Tel Aviv.

About Zak Tucker: A creative editor and director, Zak’s work has spanned the feature narrative/documentary and commercial/broadcast landscape; AOL, adidas, Y3, MTV, VH1, HBO, Discovery, etc. Based in NYC, Zak founded his boutique editorial studio in 2000 and has steadily grown its scope and footprint ever since, with its most recent evolution in Soho with the state-of-the-art Harbor Picture Company. Always an early adopter of emergent technologies and workflows, Zak’s guiding principle is artistry supported by cutting edge tool sets brought together in an aesthetic space that inspires the imagination and enables groundbreaking creative work coupled with unparalleled technical delivery.

About Joe Gawler: New York City’s premiere feature film colorist and a defining industry force for motion picture color timing, Gawler has close to 100 films to his credit. He has collaborated with more than 30 Academy Award-winning and -nominated directors and cinematographers. The colorist of choice for The Criterion Collection in NYC, Joe created critically acclaimed remasters of many titles and collaborated with Wes Anderson, Jonathan Demme, Brian De Palma, Woody Allen, and many others.

About Theo Stanley: Theo Stanley is a NYC based director, cinematographer and visual artist with experience in the fine art and commercial industries. Theo utilizes his experience and education in the visual arts to empower his films, bringing an approach of classic photographic cinema and craft in balance with an ever questioning and experimenting eye.

He founded Harbor Picture Company in creative collaboration with director and editor Zak Tucker to produce a range of projects including narrative films, documentaries, music videos and commercial advertising with a specialty fashion division. Harbor clientele includes New York’s prominent advertising agencies, as well as direct to client services for a variety of moving image needs. A partial list of clients include GAP, adidas, Donna Karan, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, St. John, Beyoncé, Nautica, CHANEL, Estée Lauder.

Theo also frequently collaborates with Bruce Weber’s films and commercial projects, including moving image work for Ralph Lauren, CHANEL Moncler, and Bruce’s feature documentary projects, “A Letter for True” and “Chop Suey”.

About The Artery: The Artery is a global network of VFX artists collaborating in the creation of high-end visual content: feature films, commercials, digital experiences, art installations and music videos.

Led by Vico Sharabani and Yfat Neev in our NY studio, we offer custom-tailored A-teams and unique production pipelines to efficiently deliver the highest level of work based on the project needs.

We take a global perspective, collaborating with the best talent and the latest technologies from around the world to achieve outstanding results.

About Harbor Picture Company: Harbor Picture Company is a full service studio for feature, commercial and television productions offering physical production, dailies, offline editorial, commercial color correction and feature DI, and full deliverables services. Harbor offers boutique level artistry, aesthetic and service coupled with enterprise level delivery infrastructure. This hybrid of artistry and technical infrastructure enables unrivaled creative, delivery and budgetary efficiencies without artistic compromise.