Rock Paper Scissors Meets Time Warner Cable’s Every Demand

Rock Paper Scissors Editor Biff Butler collaborates with Smuggler’s Todd Field and Ogilvy in a recent promo for Time Warner Cable’s On Demand product. Butler creates a concise, compelling and humorous story in Homeland, which stars characters from the Showtime series of the same name.

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The spot opens on a US national security operative standing before a sprawl of mug shots, maps and news clippings, briefing her team on the movements of a terrorist. Suddenly, a man in his pajamas breaks in, grabs a bottle of OJ from the fridge, waves his remote, and moves out of the “briefing room” – which Butler reveals to be nothing more than the man’s kitchen –   to settle on to the couch for his Homeland marathon.




Client: TWC
Spot Title: “Homeland”
Air Date: November 2012

Agency: Ogilvy

Production Company: Smuggler
Director: Todd Field

Editorial: Rock Paper Scissors
Editor: Biff Butler

Music: JSM Music, Inc.
Composer: JSM
Executive Producer: Joel Simon

About Rock Paper Scissors:

Rock Paper Scissors edits for the world’s top directors, studios, and advertisers.