MAS Promotes James Alvich to Managing Director

MAS, an acronym for ‘music and strategy’, specializing in creative solutions for brands and agencies, is pleased to announce the promotion of founding partner and EP James Alvich to the role of managing director. An award-winning talent known for his ability to successfully manage client relationships while overseeing multi-million dollar TV, radio and online commercial productions, Alvich – who created MAS along with music vets Gabe Hilfer and Jim Black – is an indispensable part of the company’s mission.

“Our goal at MAS is always to create a relationship between the consumer and the brand using music, and no one is better at balancing all the little details necessary to make that happen than James,” stated MAS Company Founder Gabe Hilfer. “He is well-connected and has an exceptional ear for emerging talent, which are key to sculpting the sonic identity that we seek to create for each brand.”

Alvich’s elevation comes at a time of great momentum and excitement for MAS, as they collaborate with household names Aerie and American Eagle to create original music embedded in their holiday and spring campaigns. The studio recently wrapped an enormously successful, comprehensive music partnership with Kate Spade New York featuring the Vivian Girls that included talent procurement, Facebook development, a battle of the bands campaign/contest and film production.

“To continually collaborate with top brands, it is absolutely essential that MAS stays on top of current trends in both music and advertising,” noted Alvich. “We understand that speed is everything – the rate at which consumers take in media has accelerated exponentially. When brands sense that we have the dynamic thinking and problem solving abilities to help them navigate this constantly changing landscape, wonderful collaborative environments emerge.”

Comprised of a deep pool of talent from the film, TV and advertising worlds, MAS is exceptionally well positioned to tap these consumer bases as they evolve. At the core of this understanding is a deep appreciation for the power of music to build brands, whether through a large-scale Hollywood production or a long-running consumer advertising campaign.

“While trends and tastes now change faster than they once did, the fundamentals remain the same: great content gets your message out there, and music is a huge part of this,” explained fellow Company Founder Jim Black. “Consumers do judge brands based on the music that is part of their events and advertising, as this says a lot about who a brand is, how current they are, who their consumers are, and much more.”

MAS will continue to focus on its core area of content creation, bringing brand identities alive through myriad strategies, including corporate events. “Creativity comes in all forms, be it in finding a song, creating a roadmap for a brand, and even in the ways we collaborate with one another,” continued Black. “We have an invaluable knowledge base at MAS, and we’ve learned how to bring divergent parts together on any type of project and produce an exceptional finished product.”


About MAS

MAS is a music service agency providing creative solutions for brands and agencies alike. With offices in New York and Los Angeles, our team of producers, music supervisors and planners offers a broad range of services that enable our clients to enhance their message through music.