European Mainstay Platige Opens Shop in NYC

After more than 15 years of developing groundbreaking VFX and post-production work from its Warsaw bunker, the Oscar- and Emmy-nominated, BAFTA-winning Platige has arrived in the U.S. The newly launched NYC studio extends the reach of the company’s Warsaw headquarters to the US market, and will service all areas of CG, animation, and VFX in advertising, broadcast and film.

“What truly makes Platige stand out from other post houses is the number of artists we have who are self-taught,” said Julian Cade, Managing Director of the NY studio. “Poland’s broadcast market is less than 20 years old and Platige has been around for most of it, so we have naturally attracted a lot of the country’s early innovators and biggest names. We also believe our new Brazilian partnership will add value to our overall operation, as we will be able to offer directors and live action production from this location to help service our clients. Platige maintains a supportive creative environment for our artists that makes us capable of attacking a project at any stage, from concept through completion.”

This unique environment has helped to foster both commercial projects and several short films made by Platige artists, many of which have gone on to enter prestigious film festivals all over the world. As a result, Platige has amassed a varied in-house director base, leading to feature film credits including Melancholia, Antichrist and Essential Killing, as well as commercial work for Kellogg’s, Listerine, Duracell, Orange, Vodafone, Air Wick, Orbit, and Gillette.

Working at the forefront of stereoscopic 3D technology, Platige has produced a wide range of technically innovative commissions. The studio was recently called upon by the Museum of Warsaw to build the world’s first 3D reconstruction of a 2D painting, a stunning rendering of The Battle of Grunwald by Polish artist Jan Matejko.

The Museum of Warsaw also commissioned Platige to create City of Ruins, a 3D rendering of the city of Warsaw in the direct aftermath of World War II. Studying 50,000 still images from a three-year period, Platige artists replicated a low-level aerial flight over the city with an incredibly precise street-by-street reconstruction of the devastation.  The result is a film crafted to be deeply powerful, both visually and emotionally.

Platige’s expertise extends well beyond complex 3D commissions. The company specializes in liquids, fur, character animation, stylized animation, and 2D as well, while offering treatments and concept-design services, live-action directors, and art directors.

“Creativity is what has motivated us for 15 years—what continually pushes us to stay on the cusp of technological innovation. This is what has led us to open a shop in the largest and most competitive market in the world, one that we believe will find our creative angle interesting,” said Cannes Gold Lion-winner and Platige NY CD Matt Subieta.

Oscar-nominated Platige director Tomek Baginski has also successfully led Platige into the gaming market with The Witcher, a cinematic spot that helped the eponymous video game to debut at the top of the UKIE Top 40 Entertainment Software Chart. This has led to exciting opportunities from top game firms including Sony and Ubisoft.

“Gaming pushes your skills to the limits and beyond. In that industry, you can really show your skills,” explained Baginski. “But it also involves constant discovery of new techniques and, over the last 5 years, and we have built a core game team which can now handle any challenges.”

The US studio is currently working with a number of New York based clients, and has completed projects for History Channel, Nickelodeon, Listerine, and Braun.

About Platige:

At Platige, creativity isn’t just a service— it’s our modus operandi. We take ideas and transform them into recognizable images that go on to live lives of their own. We combine design with animation and the latest achievements in technology to create characters and concepts from the ground up and to breathe life into entire worlds.

We’re passionate about well-told stories. While commercials are our natural habitat, we also take on innovative projects in the fields of culture and art, because we believe that these experiences are an endless source of inspiration and growth.