Window Washer

Staged in New York and Chicago, the stunt begins with East Pleasant lowering a specially outfitted window-washing skiff carrying an actor and a battery of nine cameras down the side of a high-rise office tower. A hilarious back-and-forth ensues, with bemused office workers stopping their meetings, ripping out cell phone cameras, and lurching from their desks to record, gawk at, or high-five the grinning guru as he flashes signs urging them to get out of work and get a drink. The spot ends with raised glasses at a Manhattan beach party.

The shoot went seamlessly, thanks in large part to Joe La Greca, the window-washer cum businessman. “Joe was killer,” remarked Xander™. “It was 101 that day, and I was talking to him about how he had to wear the suit all day and to stay hydrated, etc., and he looks me dead in the eye and says, ‘Would Nicolas Cage complain about working in the heat?’ From that moment, I had no doubt that he was going to be amazing, and he truly was.”


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