Brian Bowman

Creative Pursuits is a regular installment on TRUST in which we chat with some of the top creatives in the industry. Our inaugural post features Nice Shoes Creative Director Brian Bowman. Read on.

What do you look to for inspiration?

The world around me and nature…eh…just kidding. I’m not good with these kinds of questions because the answers require an assumption of self importance. But that could just be me being insecure and after all you asked the question. And now I’m stressed, because you expect something. *awkward pause* witty/clever/witty/clever/think damn you. I’m inspired by the unexpected. This is unexpected:

What trends do you see in the industry that you’re most excited about?

Silos breaking down and far from a sad story about a tornado in Kansas, what I mean is we’re seeing a lot of integration between disciplines that used to be separate. Like production and interactive combining synergies. Less Wizard of Oz but more Voltron. It’s good.

If you weren’t working as a CD in advertising, what would you be doing?

I would be an architect, it’s what I did before advertising but nobody wanted to build my buildings. I do have a kick-ass basement though, the floor is a skate park and I used grass that has to be watered upside down for the ceiling. The wife frowns but the kids dig it.

What are your creative inspirations outside of advertising?

Oh we’re back to this again… Eastbound & Down and this guys mini-podcasts (I recommend you start with Pirate Boots),

Do you have a work/life balance philosophy?

Yes it’s large and brass and I like to use it while wearing my George Washington whig. It can weigh life and work as well as gold and silver and other precious metals. What’s philosophy?

What project(s) are you most proud of?

The stereoscopic films we made at Nice Shoes; Found, Ginsberg, and Heartbreaker, collectively titled the Verses series.

What three things can you not live without?

Sleep, food and sex.

Go-to gadget?

Flux Capacitor.