Repo Men, and are currently being featured on the film's promotional site: Repo Men is based off a novel by Eric Garcia and directed by Miguel Sapochnik via Universal Studios. The film's futuristic setting is a world so advanced that organs can be purchased on credit. The lead character Remy, is not only an owner of artificial organs, but a repo man for a company that makes them. Irony comes into play as Remy falls in danger of having his heart repossessed due to failed credit payments. The thrilling comedy features a booming cast including Jude Law, Forrest Whitaker and Liev Schreiber. Stephens directed Thanks to the Union, Jack Soda Party, and Mattress, while Joiner took the baton for Didn't Have to Happen, and Super Dry. In Thanks to the Union, consumers of artificial organs dramatically recount the dreaded situations that led them to their life-saving purchase-much like modern day insurance spots. In Mattress Warehouse, a man successfully makes a sale after pleasuring a customer on an open bed display. Jack Soda comically exhibits a boy's unrestrained hormones as he becomes excited by the image of a busty woman doused with soda. In Super Dry Deodorant, a man is handcuffed to a chain and beaten to a pulp. Despite the blood and sweat that has permeated the rest of his body, Super Dry has kept his underarms dry. Didn't Have to Happen opens in a funeral home where an earnest man delivers a 'told you so' and remarks that had the deceased man purchased the Hemoglobin Filtermax II, he would have survived. CONT; /* creds paste as is... WYSIWYG */ $creds = <<Didn't Have to Happen, and Super Dry) Director: Geordie Stephens (Thanks to the Union, Jack Soda Party, and Mattress) DP: Mark Plummer EP(s): Jennifer Siegel, Brian Latt Digital EP: Dustin Callif Line Producer: Jeff Tanner Editorial: Cosmo Street/SM Post/Effects: Riot/SM Music: Beacon Street Studios/Venice Audio Post: Eleven Sound/SM CREDS; $copro = <<