Creating a Next Generation YouTube Interactive Brand Channel for the Adidas "All In" Campaign

The stars are all there, in dramatic live-action footage, showing off the sorts of spectacular performances that thrust them to the height of their professions: singers Katy Perry and B.o.B., NBA superstars Dwight Howard and Derrick Rose, and the legendary Domers of Notre Dame. All adidas and agency Sid Lee Montreal needed to complete All In - a TV, print, and online initiative that they are calling their largest marketing campaign ever - is for the top talent in the digital world to synthesize it into an online interactive experience, the centerpiece of which would be a first-of-its-kind interactive YouTube brand channel.

The YouTube brand channel page - with its blend of original footage and original music - is the centerpiece of the interactive campaign. Adidas fans who log on to the brand page find a basically limitless experience, in which the original content runs continuously. There are hundreds of videos streamed seamlessly that bring the "All In" campaign to life by stringing together a narrative from football to dance to hip hop to basketball content. This was accomplished by creating a tagging architecture that allows the footage to be pared down by keyword, so that it can be viewed as a whole, or only by soccer or basketball content. To complement the video experience, key indie tracks were selected to serve as the music to this world. To allow users to dive deeper into the content, users can roll over the videos to see the name of the artist whose music is playing, as well as information on how to buy the track.

"To my knowledge, nothing like the YouTube page that we created has been done before, in which users could create their own interactive, engaging, customizable experience," noted Interactive Director Jason Zada. "This isn't just taking the footage and plugging it into an interface and letting it run; it's creating another version that takes the director's vibe and makes something that was similar in spirit but different in experience, not just the first time, but every time someone visited - basically, you can remix the site and make it whatever you want it to be."

Zada, who, working alongside Domani Studios and Toronto-based Lunch, assumed the role of interactive experience director for the project, handling all postproduction and overseeing the digital campaign, which pieced together the nearly three hours of original footage to create an interactive storyline for the adidas YouTube channel. Zada worked closely with Sid Lee Technologies and technical development gurus Domani Studios (who assisted with seamless video play and a simple overall look) to build the interactive YouTube video experience. A seasoned live-action and interactive director, whose storied career includes co-founding digital content marketing agency EVB, Zada was perfectly positioned for the adidas project; he has spearheaded some of Tool's recent, most talked-about interactive live-action experiences, including David on Demand and Nike Takeover.

"This was a truly massive undertaking, and Jason possesses that rare caliber of talent that can architect and curate a digital experience that is this large and complex," stated Lunch EP Amy Miranda. "The sheer volume of content that he cut up and flawlessly integrated into the exhibition is really amazing. Plus Jason worked closely with Sid Lee, Domani and YouTube to determine exactly what the project was going to be. The whole experience was reflective of our collaborative and innovative natures, in which we join with the best available talent to create the best possible experience."

"The way this project went down is the ideal way that we'd like to work with future partners, which is to really be partners," said Domani Senior Producer Peter Guarino. "Everything was really collaborative all the way through, which builds trust and just makes the project so much better in every way," added Domani Senior Art Director Scott Hiers.



Client: adidas
Agency: Sid Lee
Producer: Claudia Roy

Digital Co-prod Co.: Tool of North America
Interactive Experience Director: Jason Zada
EP: Brian Latt
EP Digital: Dustin Callif

Digital Co-Prod. Co.: Lunch, Toronto
EP: Amy Miranda

Development: Domani Studios
Sr. Art Director: Scott Hiers
Sr. Producer: Peter Guarino
Technical Architect: Corey Roach

Prod Co.:
Live Action Director: Roman Gavras
DP: Andre Chemetoff
EP: Yuki Suga
Producer: Sybil Esterez
Editor(s): Walter Mariot, Jono Griffiths

About Tool:

Bicoastal Tool of North America is an award-winning production company, representing top live-action directors and interactive directors for advertising projects. From funny... visually engaging... and/or interactive, Tool's diverse roster of unique talent creates unforgettable commercial and digital content across all platforms.