Running Green','960','540')); $urls = ''; $main = <<Tech Toolbox: Software: Autodesk Maya Autodesk SoftImage Autodesk Mudbox Mental Ray CazyBump The Foundry's Nuke Adobe Photoshop Adobe After Effects Trapcode Particular Hardware: Canon 5D MKII Canon 17-40mm f4 L-series lens Proprietary Motion Control Camera Rig Apple Mac Pro Boxx Technologies CG workstations Boxx Technologies Renderfarm CONT; $creds = <<Running Green Air Date: N/A - spec Prod Co: roadnorth Director: doug purver DP: doug purver Post/Effects Co: SUSPECT Lead VFX Artist: doug purver EP(s): Rob Appelblatt, Tim Crean Technical Director(s): Dave White, Andrew Cohen Sneaker Animation: Ricardo Vicens Shoe Rigging: Lee Wolland CG Artist: Steve Burger Additional Shader/Texture Artist: Jimbo Rowel Camera Tracking: John Geehring Music and Sound Design by Q Department Shoot Location: Washington & Water Streets, Dumbo, Brooklyn CREDS; $copro = <<