Connectile Dysfunction Treatment Center
Sprint Connects with the Connectile Dysfunctional at
To both entertain and inform the public of recent advancements in their new mobile broadband technologies, Sprint recently launched a website experience ( to help users afflicted with Connectile Dysfunction.
A comedic interpretation of something that has certainly happened to us all, Connectile Dysfunction is the inability of wireless broadband users to get and hold a connection. is an online treatment center to help anyone who has suffered this fate. The interactive experience interviews and walks patients through an actual tour of facility, providing background on the disease and a cure for the afflicted. The site includes hilarious content and personalized viral videos.
Sprint’s service includes the nation's largest mobile broadband network with download speeds of 600 kbps – 1.4 mbps and recently improved coverage that reaches over 204 million people in 220 Major Metropolitan areas.
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