Laundry Day stars Ripa transforming everyday household chores into a dazzling magic act: she catches the girls' clothes in dual laundry baskets as though she is wielding giant catcher's mitts, then flings them effortlessly across the room and into her Electrolux washing machine. When the clothes emerge from the dryer, the talk show hostess levitates them, from which point they magically float into neat rows in a drawer. When her chores are done and the kids have ostensibly gone to sleep, Ripa's husband celebrates the alone time by flinging a tablecloth in the air to set a romantic dinner for two while the cutlery and plateware float above the table. The kids ramble into the room soon after. The CG department cleverly handled the tablecloth segment, laying the table with candlesticks, cutlery and glasses, in addition to the sock scene, which magically captures socks suspended in air as they neatly land in their designated drawer. "The director and the agency alike asked us to keep the campaign's sensibilities, but to push the effects on the next round of films," noted S&M CD Sean Broughton. "Marcus was an absolute pleasure to work with. The whole set had a great vibe and decisions and shot design were collaborative and concrete." "With Smoke and Mirrors, you're not getting any smoke and mirrors," noted DDB Creative Director Seth Fried. "A lot of special effects houses know the technology, but lack the artistry. Sean and his crew pulled every effect off seamlessly, visually heightening the scene. They had a solution for every post challenge we encountered." CONT; $creds = <<Laundry Day :30 Air Date: September 2010 Agency: DDB Group Creative Director: Seth Fried AD: Haley Fulop Producer: Katy Fuoco and Matt Nowak Prod Co: MJZ Director: Marcus Nispel EP: Eric Stern Producer: Vincent Oster Production Supervisor: Emily Plunkett Editorial Co: Beast Editor: Livio Sanchez Producer: Amelia Torabi Post/Effects Co: Smoke & Mirrors NY CCO: Sean Broughton Lead VFX/Inferno Artist(s): Sean Broughton, Kirk Balden VFX Artists: Sam Caine VFX Assistants: Alex Lay VFX Assitants: Ross Vincent Designer/Animator: Serkan Ertekin Producer(s): Lauren Shawe, Paul O'Beirne Telecine Co: Nice Shoes Colorist: Chris Ryan Audio Post Co: Sound Lounge Mixer: Tommy Jucarone Shoot Location: Broadway Stages, Long Island City, NY CREDS; $copro = <<Treat Me Like Your Mother and Michael Jackson's This Is It. Smoke & Mirrors has also been involved with such feature films as James Bond and Harry Potter. Each office is fully networked via complementary systems allowing the companies to share resources, expanding their local capacities. Close involvement with hardware and software manufacturers and developers has kept Smoke & Mirrors at the forefront of innovation and technology. COPRO; $contents = array(array('',$main)); include('/var/www/vhosts/'); $abts = array(array('About '.$name,$copro)); $uri = explode("?", basename($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'])); $filename = $uri[0]; $sp = ''; $ctemp = str_replace(' ','', strtolower($client)); if (isset($_GET['sp'])) { $sp = $_GET['sp']; if($sp == 'cc') { include('/var/www/vhosts/'); $pageHTML=ob_get_contents(); ob_end_clean(); echo $pageHTML; } elseif($sp == 'dcp'){ include('/var/www/vhosts/'); $pageHTML=ob_get_contents(); ob_end_clean(); echo $pageHTML; } else { ob_start(); include('/var/www/vhosts/'.$ctemp.'.phl'); $pageHTML=ob_get_contents(); ob_end_clean(); echo $pageHTML; } } if(!isset($_GET['sp'])){ ob_start(); include('/var/www/vhosts/'.$ctemp.'.phl'); $pageHTML=ob_get_contents(); ob_end_clean(); echo $pageHTML; }?>