ROKKAN and Kiehl's Hit the Open Road

To support the launch of Kiehl's new Ultra Facial formula, ROKKAN worked directly with the client to create, a micro-site where individuals are given the chance to win a year's supply of Kiehl's products. Participants are prompted to upload a photo to a profile that appears on the site along with their location. Next, they are encouraged to email as many friends as possible to visit the site. For each friend who registers, the referrer receives points and whoever amasses the most points wins a year's supply of Kiehl's products. The users can access an interactive map to check their point status, and see others who have registered from their college campus or hometown. In addition, just for signing up, users are entered into a weekly drawing where 10 people are chosen to receive free Kiehl's products. Since the site launched, over 57 thousand people have registered.

New York-based ROKKAN Producer Carrie Zanger noted, "We wanted to capture the Kiehl's tradition and brand messaging in motorcycling and passion for sports by developing an interactive game perfectly suited to the Kiehl's consumer. From discovery to launch, it was a great experience throughout. We were pleasantly surprised with how many people joined The Open Road for the chance to win a years supply of Kiehl's products."

From ROKKAN CD Charles Bae:

"Since The Open Road was one of Kiehl's first digital marketing initiatives, it was vital to set the proper visual tone for their brand: high-end, down-to-earth, yet adventurous. Kiehl's is a chip off the old New York block, so it was important that the Since 1851 history of the company would resonate - hence the weathered and used look and feel throughout the site. There were two creative restraints which posed unique challenges to the project - timing and development. This was our second time working with the Yahoo maps API and it really came through with flying colors. The level of customization was important for us and the ease of integration helped us launch the site under a very impacted time schedule."

Website Creation Firm: ROKKAN, Bicoastal

3D animation: Matt Burniston
Creative Direction: Charles Bae, Rina Miele and John Gist
Information Architecture: Annie Wong and Vincent Au
Project Management: Stacey Duda and Carrie Zanger
Technical Lead: Paul Collins and Jim Blackwelder
Flash Development: Matt Wright
Development: Albert Rosa, Andy Prondak, Nkeche Alexander, Helcon Mabesa


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