Pleasant Post, EP*Vision Lead Edit, Design Work for Lenovo Tablet Campaign

Introducing the Do Devil, a high-flying, maniacal, yet business-oriented daredevil who never goes adventuring without his Lenovo ThinkPad or Business Pad at his side - after all, who wants to miss an important business meeting because you happen to be leaping off a skycrain with nothing more than a piece of rubber attached to your feet?

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Pleasant Post, and postproduction arm, EP*Vision, teamed up with Saatchi & Saatchi NY and Limey LA Director Scott Weintraub to edit and finish the spots, which feature the Do Devil bungee jumping, taking a taxi through a demolition derby, and riding a dirt bike through an obstacle course while using his Lenovo tablets.

"Working on the Do Devil campaign is the best kind of challenge for us. Delivering across multiple media platforms, integrating different levels of graphics and design, and finding the right balance of anticipation, action and humor; to end up with something compelling and fun to watch," noted Pleasant Post editor Will Znidaric. "In collaboration with a great team at Saatchi and top-notch direction from Scott, it was, dare I say, as pleasant an experience as it gets."

Do Devil Bungee is a :60-plus spot that is typical of the campaign. After a furious introductory montage showing the Do Devil engaged in all sorts of dare-devilry, the spot focuses on a skycrane set among the skyscrapers of downtown Los Angeles. A narrator says it all when he intones, "To show how you can get work done outside the office, we gave the Do Devil a ThinkPad tablet to review a PowerPoint document, and shackled him to something other than a desk." As the Do Devil's answering machine ratchets over the action - "you've reached the Do Devil. Today I'll be working out of the office" - our hero launches himself off the platform, toggling coolly through his tablet as he bounces up and down from his jump.

Do Devil Demolition takes us through a raucous demolition derby as the Do Devil sits calmly in the backseat, preparing for a job interview. In Do Devil Dirtbike, he plays a computer game while riding shotgun in a sidecar.



Client: Lenovo
Spot Title(s): Do Devil Bungee :60, Do Devil Demolition :15, Do Devil Dirtbike :15
Air Date: October 2011

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, NY
CCO: Con Williamson
ECD: Brian Carley
CD: Justin Ebert
ACD(s): Subodh Samudre, David Ekholm
EP: Bruce Andreini
Director of Integrated Production: Kedma Brown
Producer: Daniel Miller

Prod Company: Limey, LA
Director: Scott Weintraub
DP: Morgan Susser
EP/Line Producer: Andrew Denyer

Editorial: Pleasant Post, NY
Editor: Will Znidaric
Assistant Editor: Dace Willmott
EP: Sarah Roebuck
Producer: Katie Montgomery

Design/Graphics: EP*Vision, NY
Creative Director/Designer: Maryam Parwana
Animator(s): Brian Walsh, Zachary Blumstein, Matt Vohlidka
Compositor: Kim Lee

Colorist: Tristan Kneshke
Mixer: Timothy Korn
Conform: Bill Saunders

Music Artist: Red Fang
Songs: Wires, Number 13, Hank is Dead

Licensed through Relapse Records and Domino Publishing

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