On the Road with Judas. "Having worked at many of the top companies in New York, I don't think I've come across anyone like the people at Nomad," stated Kileen. "They're inspiring, talented, and ultra-creative - and some of the warmest and humblest people I've ever met in the industry. I also think that, with their position at the crossroads of advertising, music and feature films, they're uniquely equipped to help me realize my full potential." Val Thrasher has teamed up with agencies such as RPA, The Martin Agency, 72andSunny and the Media Arts Lab on campaigns for Apple, Honda, Wal-Mart and K-Swiss to name a few. Her most recognizable work may be her contribution to the long-running Mac Vs. PC campaign. Thrasher will reunite with many of her former Apple campaign collaborators at Nomad. "I am really excited to join Nomad and make new friends while reconnecting with old ones," Val said. "The hardest part for an editor and a company is finding the right fit," noted Nomad VP Scott Carleton. "The culture and personality of a company evolve with every person you add. We got a really good feeling from both Val and Jason. They are both very talented and super laid back. We believe Nomad can provide them with an environment where they can really thrive and are excited to have them on our roster." CONT; $creds = <<http://www.nomadedit.com. COPRO; $contents = array(array('',$main)); include('/var/www/vhosts/trustcollective.com/httpdocs/portfolio/content/phptemplates/clientconfig.phl'); $abts = array(array('About '.$name,$copro)); $uri = explode("?", basename($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'])); $filename = $uri[0]; $sp = ''; $ctemp = str_replace(' ','', strtolower($client)); if (isset($_GET['sp'])) { $sp = $_GET['sp']; if($sp == 'cc') { include('/var/www/vhosts/trustcollective.com/httpdocs/portfolio/content/phptemplates/constantcontact.phl'); $pageHTML=ob_get_contents(); ob_end_clean(); echo $pageHTML; } elseif($sp == 'dcp'){ include('/var/www/vhosts/trustcollective.com/httpdocs/portfolio/content/phptemplates/dcp.phl'); $pageHTML=ob_get_contents(); ob_end_clean(); echo $pageHTML; } else { ob_start(); include('/var/www/vhosts/trustcollective.com/httpdocs/portfolio/content/phptemplates/'.$ctemp.'.phl'); $pageHTML=ob_get_contents(); ob_end_clean(); echo $pageHTML; } } if(!isset($_GET['sp'])){ ob_start(); include('/var/www/vhosts/trustcollective.com/httpdocs/portfolio/content/phptemplates/'.$ctemp.'.phl'); $pageHTML=ob_get_contents(); ob_end_clean(); echo $pageHTML; }?>