Black XS, a bawdy :90 created for the eponymous fragrance by Spanish fashion house Paco Rabanne. Black XS jump cuts with a twitchy, frenetic energy across scenes of rock n' roll debauchery laid out in stark black & white—acts of public indecency, wanton destruction and more than a few saucily bared body parts abound. The "Best of New York" award went to Milk & Honey, a more delicate but equally visceral :90 for Italian clothing retailer United Colors of Benetton's "UnHate" campaign. "Milk & Honey" guides the viewer through a stunning array of the many forms of human contact—from underwater kisses to military wrestling through riots and mosh pits and into the bedroom—all boasting a mix of film lenses and formats to highlight the diversity on display. Moreno's AICE Award wins come as jumP expands its talent rosters with noteworthy additions on both the east and west coasts-an exciting sign of many new triumphs to come in 2012. CONT; $creds = <<