Ryan McGrath and Designer Evan Anthony, adds a brand design specialist whose experience includes work with Syfy, ABC, MTV, Toyota, American Express, the New York Public Library and Art Directors Club. Erik is out strong already working on a rapidly growing concept and installation project for Nike, environmental and digital design projects for two notable fashion brands, and concept development for digital experiences. With strong portfolios in environmental/architectural design, branding/identity and motion/Web, Erik impressed HUSH before he'd even stepped into their facility. "We were blown away not only by the quality of the portfolios, but by the fact that there were three, and they were all strong," noted HUSH Creative Partner David Schwarz. "Even the design of the portfolios themselves was slick. We saw a great design mind instantly and couldn't wait to get him involved." Erik did not disappoint. The day he started, he had an idea for a concept pitch. The rest of the crew went off to pull references and comp together some frames in Photoshop, only to find Erik cutting out complex geometric forms in paper and taping them together into a structural version of his idea. "This guy was different," laughed Schwarz. "Why render it in 3D when you can just build the damn thing? We hung it on the wall." "I hope that, with my craft-oriented toolkit, I'll be a great complement to the talent in place at HUSH," stated Erik. "The crew has amazing technical skills that can make anything come to life. My role is to inform that technical wizardry from a design standpoint and bring out the best in everyone." CONT; $creds = <<