Latin Lovers to bouncing Bungee Jumpers to floating Astronauts - ready to devour the delicious food. In keeping with their anytime/anywhere business model, FEEDTHEWALRUS has adapted to Grey's needs, working from the agency's facilities or four-walling as the campaign demands. In the process, FEEDTHEWALRUS has brought other members of their collective - producers, assistant editors, colorists - into the production pipeline to help with select spots. "Grey has been a phenomenal partner," says co-founder Adam Jenkins. "When we created FEEDTHEWALRUS a year ago, this was exactly the sort of vital role we hoped to fill, and we look forward to recreating similar relationships with other agencies and production studios. For us, this is just the beginning of what seems to be growing into a lean, mean, versatile business model, and we hope to keep flourishing with every new client." CONT; $creds = <<Latin Lovers, Bungee Jumpers, Astronauts Air Date: January 2011 Agency: Grey CCO: Tor Myhren CD(s): Lars Jorgenson, Eric Segal Copy: Martin Peters EP: Bennett McCarroll Producer: Matt Flaherty Prod Co: HSI Director: Joseph Kahn DP: Christopher Probst EP: Michael McQuhae Producer: Richard Weager Editorial Co: FEEDTHEWALRUS Editor: Jeffrey Stevens Asst Editor: Sean Nagin Producer: Desiree Cobb Post/Effects Co: Ingenuity VFX Supervisor/CD: Grant Miller CD: David Lebensfeld Compositor(s): Nicholas Sorenson, Kyle Andal, Gerard Andal, Geoff Duquette CG: John Martini, Christian Gonzalez, AJ Gillespie, Curtis Cardwell, Steven Wang, Chris Cannavo, Adnan Hussain Designer: Mary Quach Online Editor: Shawn Schminke EP: Matthew Poliquin Producer: Michael Lebensfeld Telecine Co: New Hat Colorist: Beau Leon Producer: Wyatt Valentine Audio Post & Sound Design: Vision Post Mixer: Dante Desole EP: Gray Hirshfield Producer: Suzie Rosenthal Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic CREDS; $copro = <<