'; $main = <<Twilight Zone. The bedroom, on the other hand, had to look super realistic." To accomplish this look, Click worked diligently to follow Peter-Thomas' creative vision of a school that was a representation of a social networking site, which required taking cues from the online world: the architecture had to be modern - more steel and glass than wood and tile - and there had to be sparseness and a very particular color palette. "All the things that make a school are there, but the environment lacks the haphazardness of regular life," said Meyers. The spot took two months from start to finish. Once the shooting was complete, Click went into the studio, editing on Final Cut Pro, animating in Cinema 4D and After Effects, and generating the sound design on Pro Tools. The most challenging element was the design and animation of the transitions that take viewers from the virtual school world into the kid's bedroom, a task that first required extensive on-set supervision to advise on the shots necessary to make the visual transition work. "The spot really hinges on the viewer's understanding that the school world is a dramatization of the bullying these kids are experiencing online, so we had to create a design that looked enough like familiar social networking sites that it'd register to viewers as quickly as the page resolved on screen," stated Meyers. "We then had to work that design into an animated graphical transition, in which we pull out of the virtual world and get sucked through a digital tunnel toward the real world of the kid in his room looking at his computer." The spot is just the latest in the network's multiyear A Thin Line initiative, which is aimed at stopping the spread of abuse in the form of sexting, cyberbullying and digital dating abuse. This particular spot screened for President Obama and the First Lady, who endorsed it during their White House Conference on Bullying Prevention. MTV and Click have fostered a strong relationship in a long string of joint projects, from VMA campaigns to integrated campaigns for MTV and Wrigley's, MTV and Orbit gum, and with films like Nightmare on Elm Street, Splice, and Megamind. "We're very proud to have this special relationship with MTV," stated Click Founder/President Peter Corbett. "And we're especially proud to partner with them on this latest spot, which confronts the consequences of the very useful tool that social networks are. By addressing the issue of cyberbullying on an important venue like MTV, we think we can really help bring an end to this scourge." CONT; $creds = <<A Thin Line Air Date: March 2011 Writer/Director: Seyi Peter-Thomas Executive Creative Director: Amy Campbell Executive Producer: David Grad Agency Producer: Lindsay Nowak Post Prod. Co.: Click 3X Editor: Jeremy Baumann Creative Director: Ders Hallgren Designer: Lisa Ackley Animator: Dave Rogers Sound Design & Mix: Brian Scibinico Producer: Maddy Yasner Exec. Producer: Rob Meyers Managing Director: David Edelstein CREDS; $copro = <<