Waka Waka", edited by chrome's Hal Honigsberg for DNA Director Marcus Rayboy, who shot the project in stereoscopic 3D. The clip has already garnered 12 million-plus unique YouTube views. Waka Waka is a high-powered montage of extraordinary soccer footage, from players scoring spectacular goals in packed outdoor stadiums to street kids running joyously on dilapidated fields throughout the world. Honigsberg flawlessly splices these scenes with shots of Shakira energetically dancing with her brightly dressed entourage, creating an outstanding story that at once captures the singer's passion and the spirit of the World Cup. "I definitely felt privileged to work on this video for several reasons," noted Honigsberg. "Yes, it was a rare opportunity to cut the official song of the 2010 FIFA World Cup - and after watching over eight hours of past World Cup footage I've finally come around to being a soccer fanatic. But most importantly, the video acts as a platform to assist South African children through the sales of the solidarity T-shirts worn by the soccer players in this video. Ultimately, that will be the lasting contribution; providing educational opportunities to the children of South Africa." Revenue generated by the video will assist a charity that has pledged to build 20 schools in Africa before the end of the year. CONT; $creds = <<Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) Air Date: June 2010 Prod Company: DNA Director: Marcus Rayboy DP: Chris Probst Post/Effects: Steele VFX Editorial: chrome Editor: Hal Honigsberg Assistant Editor: Keith Hamm EP: Betsy Beale Telecine: Company 3 CREDS; $copro = <<