Bartek Drozdz: Creative Technologist/Technical Director

Bartek Drozdz works with Tool's expansive roster of live-action and interactive directors to execute the studio's wide-ranging digital projects across Web, mobile and interactive installations. With more than 10 years of experience in interactive development at high-profile shops like Fantasy Interactive and North Kingdom, Drozdz started as a Flash developer, transitioned to HTML5 and has become a pioneer in WebGL, creating a 3D engine called J3D. He also runs the popular Everyday 3D blog, where he publishes demos and experiments exploring uses of real-time, interactive 3D online, including WebGL, Unity3D and Flash.

Drozdz's most recent project of note was FWA's Site Of the Month—the WebGL-based 3 Dreams of Black interactive music video for Google. Drozdz helped transform the project into a showcase for the fast-rising WebGL Web standard. The site earned FWA Site of the Day honors—the fifth such recognition of Drozdz's career (Taste Buddies, EOS Evolution of Smooth, Kontain, and Porsche Cayenne GTS).

One of the most sought-after presenters in the industry, Bartek has spoken at FlashAndTheCity in New York; FITC in Amsterdam, San Francisco and Toronto; Unity Workshops and LFPUG in London; Flash on the Beach in Brighton, UK; Flash 2000 in Antwerp; and FlashCamp in Warsaw. Bartek is also a frequent event judge, most recently of the 2010 .net Awards. He has written introductory tutorials to Unity3D and WebGL for .net magazine, and Google's Chrome Experiments site,, and have featured his work.

Prior to joining Tool in 2011, Bartek worked at a host of interactive agencies, including Fantasy Interactive (F-I), North Kingdom, and Leo Burnett.

About Tool:

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