Dade Orgeron: CG/VFX Creative Director

Dade Orgeron is a multitalented creative director with a strong technical foundation; a multi-disciplined designer skilled in print, multimedia and web-design, with specialties crossing the production gamut, from generalist to compositor to the rapidly growing realm of 3D. Orgeron acts as a unique conduit between creativity and technology, with an equal understanding of both sides that cultivates a greater creative atmosphere wherever he goes. Creative flexibility is his motto.

Among Orgeron's recent work has been an ambitious, live Xbox Kinect launch project in Time Square, which featured live action, 3D and graphics mixed in real-time alongside 200 choreographed dancers and game footage. He also shot a series of 100 percent CG short films showcasing Shell's longstanding relationship with Ferrari and a spot for Nintendo's Mario Planet 2, starring a father and his two children leaping from one planet to the next in a compelling live-action/VFX mix that mimicked the actual game play.

Orgeron has been the creative voice behind numerous long-term campaigns, including Honda CR-V's Crave campaign that ran from 2006 through 2008 and a Jeep endtag that ran from 2001 to 2006. His credits also include the industry-insider-favorite Kung-Fu Channel promo package for VOOM Network.

The self-taught Orgeron's efforts have earned awards at BDA, RESFest, CA Design Excellence, Telly and Promax, as well as a 2004 Emmy for his contribution to the opening titles of Kingdom Hospital.

Prior to joining Charlex in 2011, Dade acted as CD/VFX director for Tronic. He also helped spur the phenomenal growth at süperfad and spent time at Digital Kitchen Chicago and Seattle as Senior CG/VFX Director.

Orgeron, who is a huge electronic music fan and has been composing music since age 13, credits his varied skills to his rich cultural upbringing in New Orleans, LA.

About Charlex:

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