AAMCO Trusts Backyard with Latest Campaign

If a fat, hairy, shirtless man showed up at your front door, would you trust him to come inside and hug your mother? Probably not, and you shouldn't trust just anyone with your car, either, as Backyard Productions makes clear in a hilarious spot promoting AAMCO's comprehensive car repair services. Director Rob Pritts teamed up with Qorvis Communications on this latest effort, just one among several collaborations between the two.

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Trust, which is part of a three-spot campaign, opens on the disturbing image of a man licking a keyboard as his horrified coworker looks on. "You wouldn't trust just anyone to sit in your cubicle," a narrator suggests. "Or hug your mother," he continues, as the spot cuts to the scene of a fat man embracing an older woman. "Or to be your massage therapist," he concludes, as a masked madman pounces on a helpless patron. The point being - be careful who you trust, and, when it comes to your car, you can trust AAMCO.

"When you're dealing with such off-beat subject matter, you have to be careful that you don't obscure the message behind the gags," stated Pritts. "I love the odd and awkward moments and think we balanced things out nicely here, delivering something that's going to get a laugh without sacrificing AAMCO's message."

"Rob has such a natural flair when it comes to these sorts projects," noted Backyard EP Kris Mathur. "The Keyboard and Hugging vignettes were a team effort and, like any great director, Rob really excels at collaboration. This was right up his alley, a perfect fit."



Spot Title(s): Trust (featured), We Hear You 50th
Air Date: June 1 2012

Client: AAMCO Transmissions/AAMCO National Creative
AAMCO National Creative Chairman: Mike Ganjei
AAMCO Transmissions V.P. of Marketing: Jack Bachinsky

Agency: Qorvis Communications
Managing Partner: Michael Petruzzello
AM, Managing Director: Carrie Blewitt
CD, Managing Director: Cassie Elliot
Sr. AD: Lara Oliveira

Prod Co: Backyard Productions
Director: Rob Pritts
DP: Florian Stadler
EP: Kris Mathur
Producer: Kevin Sharpton

Editorial Co: Golden Entertainment
Editor: Gary Gannon

DIT/Colorist(s): Stephen Latty

Sound Mixer(s): Janet Urban

Shoot Location: Los Angeles, CA

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