DollHouse, and Scottsdale Convention and Visitors Bureau's Capture both brought home Gold Awards in Phoenix. The Muscular Dystrophy Association campaign Make a Muscle, Make a Difference, via EB Lane, garnered a Gold ADDY Award, in addition to two Bronze and two Silver Awards, at the recent Tucson show. On the collaboration with audioEngine and the EB Lane creative team, President & CEO of the Muscular Dystrophy Assciation Gerald C. Weinberg raved, "Our partnership with you is one of the most valuable we've ever formed. Congratulations to you and our other good EB Lane friends who share credit for the ADDY recognition, which only whets our appetite for your next creative endeavor in MDA's behalf." The 30th Annual Tucson ADDY Awards were held on February 19, 2011. Phoenix ADDY winners were announced March 7th, 2011. For a complete list of winners, visit AAF Tucson or AAF Metro Phoenix. audioEngine participated in the creation of the following ADDY Award-winning spots: Gold ADDYs - MDA Make a Muscle, Make a Difference Cable One Dollhouse Scottsdale Convention and Visitors Bureau Capture Silver ADDYs - MidFirst Bank Kite - The only award in Phoenix for original score MidFirst Bank Chair MidFirst Bank Tomato MidFirst Bank Coach Cramer-Krasselt Hauler Cramer-Krasselt Mower/Jump/Call Cramer-Krasselt Hauler/Intercom/Eenie/Pants Bronze ADDYs - Cable One Satellite Surprise Cramer-Krasselt Intercom Moses Anshell Arizona Office of Tourism Cramer-Krasselt Tacoma Call CONT; $creds = << COPRO; $contents = array(array('',$main)); include('/var/www/vhosts/'); $abts = array(array('About '.$name,$copro)); $uri = explode("?", basename($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'])); $filename = $uri[0]; $sp = ''; $ctemp = str_replace(' ','', strtolower($client)); if (isset($_GET['sp'])) { $sp = $_GET['sp']; if($sp == 'cc') { include('/var/www/vhosts/'); $pageHTML=ob_get_contents(); ob_end_clean(); echo $pageHTML; } elseif($sp == 'dcp'){ include('/var/www/vhosts/'); $pageHTML=ob_get_contents(); ob_end_clean(); echo $pageHTML; } else { ob_start(); include('/var/www/vhosts/'.$ctemp.'.phl'); $pageHTML=ob_get_contents(); ob_end_clean(); echo $pageHTML; } } if(!isset($_GET['sp'])){ ob_start(); include('/var/www/vhosts/'.$ctemp.'.phl'); $pageHTML=ob_get_contents(); ob_end_clean(); echo $pageHTML; }?>