Bodyguard, the latest MasterCard spot out of McCann Erickson NY, Mr. T looks as tough as ever (albeit a little older), standing, arms crossed, beside a woman as she goes to the dry cleaners, the beauty salon, and the grocery store. The A-Team tough guy dares any punks to step to his charge, standing in as a symbol for MasterCard's great consumer protections. Cool as this spot is, Absolute added an extra touch with Flame and combustion work, executing sign and license plate removal from street and indoor scenes, creating titles, and aligning a split screen to make it look good. CONT; $creds = <<Bodyguard Air Date: June 2010 Agency: McCann Erickson, NY CCO: Joyce King Thomas Group CD: Vann Graves Copywriter: Kate Lummus Producer: Jonathan Shipman Prod Co: Bob Industries, Santa Monica Director: Harry Cocciolo DP: Stefan Czapsky EP(s): TK Knowles, John O'Grady, Chuck Ryant Editorial Co: Final Cut NY Editor: Stephane Dumonceau Post/Effects Co: Absolute Post Lead VFX Artist(s): James "Krispy" Cornwell, Aniello Zampella VFX Artist: Krissy Nordella EP: Sally Heath Producer: Nirad "Bugs" Russell CREDS; $copro = <<